Small Business Managed Services?

small-business-sales     Southern New England Computer services is one of the leading providers of Managed Services to many of our New England clients. If you like the idea of Managed Services, but feel that it might be outside of your companies budget, fear not! SNECS, LLC has multiple plans to suit your business’s needs, large or small! Call us now for a free onsite evaluation and let us show you how our managed services plans can save your company money, stress and help technology become a tool for the future of your business instead of a hindrance!

SNECS, LLC supports a number of large companies in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. We have tailor made a Managed Services solution that allows us to monitor, maintain and update a growing list of clients. We are now offering those same services to any business that is tired of the ‘break – fix’ way of IT support. With Managed Services, you have one flat rate monthly bill that can include monitoring, updating, patching, protecting, supporting and troubleshooting your PC’s and Servers. Our specialized software allows us to find and fix issues before they happen, instead of after. We will get alerts if your server’s hard drive is starting to fail, or if your redundant power supply is failing. (Don’t have a completely redundant server? Call SNECS, LLC and let us get you set up with a brand new server that won’t let you down!) After getting the alert, we will fix the issue right away, or in the case of hardware problems, let you know and schedule a time for a technician to go onsite and replace the needed part. All of this without you even knowing there was a problem, your business would operate as normal!

This kind of support is usually only available to very large companies that have a large IT budget. However, SNECS, LLC has re-worked the Managed Services software and practices to be available to businesses of any size. If you’re tired of your current IT solution, please give us a call and we’ll perform a free onsite evaluation and show you how SNECS, LLC can get your network back into tip top shape and operating the way it needs to!