RI Business Managed Services

 Managed Services

What can Southern New England Computer Services do for your company?

We offer many managed services to keep your business network running smoothly and efficiently. Our chart to the right shows some of the great benefits. Tired of focusing on IT issues instead of your businessNeed responsive, reliable IT management? That’s where we come in. A dedicated team of individuals working together to solve your IT issues. Years of experience based in Rhode Island.

RI Business Managed Services Include:

  • Support when you need it – 24/7, 365 LIVE support with guaranteed response times
  • Predictable Monthly cost – Flat fee pricing
  • Fast Priority Support – Either on-site, remote and phone support
  • Eliminate Downtime – We fix, resolve and overall prevent issues before they become a problem. This cuts costs by keeping your uptime as close to 100% as possible.
  • Backups (Local and Offsite) – Backups are very important for any business. We take the time to setup a system in which your backups are occurring outside normal business hours, are monitored for failures and can take place locally and/or offsite.
  • Cost Effective Plans – Anti-Virus, Support, Patches and Updates. We have plans that include virus protection, remote and onsite support, common third party software patches (i.e.: Adobe, Java, etc…) and white listed Windows and Mac OS updates. With your computers being maintained, secured and updated, you have more time to work on what you do best (and leave the IT stuff to the professionals).
  • Specialized team of Subject Matter Experts:
  • Microsoft Server Applications
    (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and more)
  • IPS, Firewall, Security Gateways
  • HIPAA Privacy Techs
  • Hosted Exchange, Active Sync and other mobile device OS’s
  • QuickBooks, Peachtree/SAGE, and many others. We deal with over 500 different Software Vendors
  • Personal Technology Consultant – With redundancy if they are on vacation or sick
  • Single point of contact – For all your technology needs


Your monthly subscription includes your anti-virus. Virus prevention and removal can run up the cost per system annually if they are not maintained properly. Take the guesswork out of your protection. Scanning and updating your security software will be performed as long as the machine is powered on.
All white listed Windows Updates/Mac OS Updates and security patches will be installed when available. This helps in keeping your systems safe. Only installing white listed patches keeps you from crashing due to any Microsoft or Apple programming errors in the latest patches. Patches for commonly used programs like Java and Adobe Flash Player will be deployed as well to protect your network from exploits in these widely used applications.

A detailed report of work performed will be sent to you, along with any malicious virus or ad-ware found and what system it was found on. We will also be informing you of any machines that are suspect to being used in a fashion that is not company orientated.

Standard and above plans have the added benefit of remote service. You and your staff will have “Remote tie in” sessions included in the price of your plan. You will receive computer support during normal business hours. Afterhours sessions are available if requested and normal charges will apply. If you require any onsite repairs you will receive a discounted rate.

Along with remote service, standard and above accounts receive an emergency contact number. The owner or CEO of the company will receive an 24/7 emergency number for any after hour’s service that has to be done. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are never left without support.

Our Premium managed services plan also includes an annual visit for a physical clean out and dust removal of all systems being maintained. At this time we will also check the status of all uninterrupted power supplies and make a visual inspection of all machines and network equipment. If any upgrades are needed, any equipment bought from us can be installed at the time of the annual visit with no charge for labor.

Monitored Local and Offsite Backup Services

Backups should be an essential part of your businesses disaster prevention plan. Backups can give your company peace of mind, knowing that all your data is just a few clicks away. There are too many stories of businesses that have lost all of their files due to system crashes or computer viruses. Don’t fall into the old paradigm of “it will never happen to me.” While there is certainly a chance that you will never have a need for the backups you make of your files, if something does happen to your computer(s) you will certainly be glad that you have them. We offer complete local and offsite backup solutions that keep your data secure, and can put your mind at ease. Our Managed Services plans can cover Servers as well as client machines.

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