Hosted Exchange in RI, MA and CT!

SNECS, LLC does the setup and maintains it for you.

What is Hosted Exchange?

hosted exchangeHosted Exchange is built on the same technology as Exchange Server 2010, giving your business the latest capabilities such as built-in archiving, optional Conversation View, Mail Tips, and powerful Web-based management tools for online deployments. Hosted Exchange is a viable option for those individuals that want to harness the power of an Exchange server but don’t want to pay for a full server license, buy the appropriate hardware and deal with the maintenance. Much like the web hosting industry where a company bundles many customers on a single web server, Exchange hosting (or Hosted Exchange) is a cost-effective option for individuals. The Exchange service provider bundles many customer mailboxes on a single Exchange server for a monthly or yearly fee.


What are the Benefits of Hosted Exchange?

  • Great for the entrepreneur for syncing between multiple computers or smartphones, iPads, etc.Sharing Internet
  • Great for teams of one or more employees
  • Out of office messages
  • Team sharing of inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Public folders for all staff to use
  • Server rules that work on all devices, so your email does what you want it to
  • Free Outlook (value of $139 per user!)

What is involved with setting up Hosted Exchange at my business?

business_peopleHere is our easy to understand guide to transitioning from your current email to Hosted Exchange!

  • 15-20 minute discussion about your current email needs and what you want to do with your technology
  • We will help you make a decision based on your budget and size of your company
  • We will set up a transition plan and a date to move forward
  • We will help you back up your current email – calendar and contacts to a local computer
  • A tech will do the back end transition to insure your email is secured and moved in a swift and quick manner.
  • On your transition date, we will have plenty of staff available to do the transition and import in your old email to your new Hosted Exchange/Outlook.
  • Once your email is configured and working fine, then we will set up your smartphones.
  • You will be in the cloud and happy as a clam!


What does Hosted Exchange Cost?

This depends on how many users will need to receive e-mail and how much e-mail will be stored per user. We will discuss this during our consultation and figure out which will best fit your needs. Then create a package explicitly design for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.