Onsite Business Evaluation. No Risk, No Obligation.


1.) Schedule an Evaluation when it is best for you. The evaluation will take around 30 minutes.internet-network

2.) We will have our first meeting and gather info about your business, your computers and your network layout.

3.) We will go back to our office and create a customized Free IT Risk Report for you.We will then schedule our second meeting to review everything we found and our recommendations.

You can also call 401-522-5200 to schedule your FREE evaluation.

This site survey includes a hardware & software report on your business computers current health. Also, we will give you our recommendations to keep your computer(s) running fast, stable and virus free.

A SNECS technician will go onsite to discuss your current network configuration and determine what you would want to improve on. Along with this, we would find out what problems you are currently experiencing and how to resolve them.

Some of the topics we will discuss on during our evaluation:

We would go onsite, perform diagnostics on all computers in the office, including any servers if present. Then, we would go back to our office and create a customized report. After this, we can make recommendation on future upgrades and give you peace of mind with your business machines.

Have us contact you directly: