SNECS Business Contact Information

                     SNECS Business Contact Guidecontact

Here is a quick guide on the fastest way to contact us to get your issue resolved. Depending on the issue and time required to repair it, we will determine if it needs to be fixed ASAP or if it can wait until the next available session spot.

                      Info Needed From You

When contacting us, please provide the following info us via e-mail/web ticket/phone/in person. If the information we need from you is missing, we will need to call or e-mail you for the missing parts.

It will save time if you can provide this to us during the initial contact:

Type of issue: Hardware/Software/Upgrade/Product Delivery/General/etc…

Cause:Electrical/Recurring issue/Unknown/etc…

Detailed Description of Issue: (example) Computer #11 has been blue screening every time when I open Outlook 2010. It was fine last week, I noticed a Microsoft update popup for Outlook and clicked on it. After that, it has been giving me the issue. It only happens on Outlook, everything else seems fine. Provide Screencast if possible via free software called Jing.

When Can We Fix the Issue: (examples) Login after 5pm. Login ASAP because I am away from my computer. System is not working so you can’t login remotely, come onsite ASAP. System is offline, come onsite tomorrow between 12pm-2pm. Login ASAP but call before logging in so I can finish up on my work.

Specify Tech (if a certain tech is required): If you don’t specify tech then the next available Business Tech will fix your issue. If you would like a specific tech, such as Dennis because he has worked on the issue before please say “Dennis knows about current issue”. The new tech working on issue will then contact Dennis to get any technical details that might be required to fix the issue. It might be Dennis’ day off or he might be on vacation or out on another job for the rest of the day. If you would like us only to send Dennis and not have another tech work on issue, you may need to wait until the next day Dennis is available to have your issue resolved.

Technical Issues

Via E-mail

Average Response Time  30 min to 24 hours



This will Create a Ticket in our helpdesk management and link it with your account info in oursystem. It is the most popular choice since when you call in for support will we be manual making a ticket for you vs. you making the ticket. You will get a confirmation e-mail after ticket is created, when someone working on the issue and when the issue is completed. We will also note what steps we took to fix the issue.

Via Ticketing System

Average Response Time  – 30 min to 24 hours

Web: Ticket Portal

For this support option you must be on a Managed Service contract. If you are not, contact our business web(1)department for a free onsite evaluation so you can have all the benefits of Managed Services. This ticketing system will show you all open and closed tickets. It will give you “Asset Tracking” to see all the computers and/or servers on the Managed Service contract including serial numbers, hardware and software specifications, a list of what the Managed Service Contract includes, Knowledge Base Articles (created by SNECS for common issues such as Brother Toner Reset Steps, and such), Quotes and Invoices made for your company in the past and much more.

Via Phone

Average Response Time  – 30 min to 24 hours

Phone: 401-762-0660 ext 4

We will manually create a service ticket for you and you will be kept up to date on our work via e-mail updates. We will first try to fix the issue remotely. If we cannot fix it remotely, we will need to schedule an onsite to fix the issue.


     Business Hours9am – 6pm

Call 401-762-0660. To reach the business line hit, press extension 4 at any time.

     After Hours Support6pm-9am

(Extra charges will apply to any phone calls, remote and/or onsite time while after hours)

Call 401-762-0660. To reach the after hours business line, press extension 99 at any time.

Via Drop-off to our Store

                                          Average Response Time – 24 hours to 48 hoursRetail Store

                                          Bring component to our Closest Retail Store.

Our store hours are listed below. If you are under a Managed Service Contract, you may receive discounted or included in store labor rates as part of your Managed Services Contract. This will vary depending on the contract and plan you choose.

North Smithfield  

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: Closed     


Store Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: Closed




Business Department-  Direct Contact Info

If you need someone in particular to work on an issue, you can contact them directly via phone or e-mail. If it is a technical issue, you can still make a ticket via and just put in the e-mail the name of the technician you would like (ie: Leo has worked on this before, etc…) Otherwise, the next available technician will work on your issue.

Paul Riendeau Nick Bernfeld Leeanna O’Neill Leo Cote PJ Raposo Dennis Toole
Ext. 8
Ext. 7
Ext. 9
Ext. 5
Ext. 22
Ext. 6


Accounting Issue

Invoicing issues, overcharges, missing receipts, need duplicate receipt e-mailed and similar issues:

Call 401-762-0660. To reach the business line hit, press extension 4 at any time. You can also e-mail for any accounting issues or concerns.