RI Computer Virus / Spyware Removal

Let us make your computer virus and spyware free!

Most people assume that we thrive on cleaning up spyware and virus activity. And yes, it’s true that many of the calls we receive, especially from new customers, are for cleaning up annoying pop-ups, browser hijackers, and corrupted systems that have been infected by virus and spyware.

It is not our favorite work…. but the fact is that we would much rather spend our time working on higher uses of technology than cleaning out the digital mess in your computer. We would prefer to help with backing up your data and helping you get more out of life through your cool digital toys.


All computers get corrupted eventually.

The truth of the problem is that, sooner or later, all computer operating systems corrupt, with or without virus or spyware activity. New software competes with older software and can crash during upgrades or updates. Every time something additional is installed on your computer, whether it is a new printer, a new program, or even just a Windows Update, you have the potential to throw your computer into chaos.


Since it is inevitable that your computer will crash, what can you do about it?

An operating system can easily be installed again, we just have to diagnose if it was software or hardware that caused the corruption and get you up and running again. The trick is to have your data backed up so in the event of a crash, you do not lose anything. Keep all your software that you installed all in one place so it is easy to get your computer back up and running like it was before. We have many backup options for you. Talk with one of our technicians to get the custom backup system that is right for you.


Let us clean out the virus activity on your computer but then let us help you stay spyware and virus free!

Here at Southern New England Computer Services, we not only take the time to remove the viruses that are infecting your computer but we also take the time to safeguard your system from future infections. Our technicians are well versed in knowing what activities will re-infect your system and can give you safety precautions so it does not keep happening. We not only install anti-virus software but also patch holes in the operating system, ensure your browser security is correct, download any current operating system service packs and updates.


A word about Norton Anti-Virus.

After all the years of dealing with computers we have found the best and simplest software to use is Norton Anti-Virus. The version of Norton we use is the anti-virus only! The other versions tend to slow down the computer. When you purchase Norton from us we can install and update it for you. After the year subscription runs out, you can simply pick up the disk at our store or bring your computer in for a yearly checkup. We also have a remote tie-in package so all you have to do is sit back and let us do the work. We will update your Norton and clean out your old version right from your home. We do not recommend renewing online!! Many of our customers do this only to find out they did not get the latest version or they need to re-install it and they have no hard copy of the software or key. Not to mention, it is the same price from us as it is online and you get the disk and the product key in case you need it during the year.