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business_manLocal RI business IT support is what SNECS does best! Since most small businesses don’t need and can’t afford a full-time IT person, SNECS LLC steps in to provide support. Small businesses frequently rely on “Fred”, the receptionist’s flaky-but-computer-savvy cousin to handle the support. As IT becomes mission critical to small businesses, a quiet revolution is taking place. As networks and security issues become increasingly sophisticated, and state and federal compliance regulations affect more and more SMBs, many companies have found that turning over their support function to a company that specializes in providing such services is a better option. Another great article you can read is in house IT vs outsourced IT.

We support many fields such as Accountants, Retail, Service , Construction, Etc. Our extensive experience supporting particular industries and business types allows us to deliver highly-customized, results-driven IT services.

To ensure clients receive current, top-of-the-line products, SNECS, LLC has partnered with industry leaders such as HP, Microsoft, NRICC, AMEX, BNI, File to Backup.server

It’s often more productive to hire an outside company that offers a combination of part-time on-site IT support with on-call helpdesk available in case problems arise when the on-site person is not around. SNECS, LLC appeared to answer the need for reliable, quality part-time IT support for small businesses.

By maintaining an objective focus — and armed with the knowledge of best practices across multiple companies and industries — SNECS, LLC has helped numerous clients achieve significant performance improvements, making their businesses more successful.

Local RI Business IT Support Specialties

icon_spySmall business Employee’s

Hacking and visiting undesirable websites are among the many key concerns facing Small Business today. SNECS, LLC offers cutting-edge technology to protect against unwarranted web-surfing and computer tampering.


icon_upgradeThe Legal Environment

SNECS, LLC legal industry client base includes small to mid-size law firms. We excel at identifying the right technology and equipment solution for our clients. Our extensive legal industry experience is an invaluable resource that we can put to work for you immediately. Most legal environments have very specific security issues, and our firewall systems are among the best.

HealthMedical & Dental Offices

The unique needs of Medical & Dental Service practices, particularly related to new HIPAA regulations, software support, and records security, require the oversight by technology professionals with specialized knowledge and experience.

SNECS, LLC surpasses the requirements — as well as the expectations — of these businesses and offers comprehensive, customized support that allows you to focus on the ongoing success of your practice.


Retail1Retail Stores

SNECS, LLC Supports retails stores, small to large, either with onsite or remote support. SNECS also offers specialized services if your business needs them. Are you looking to setup a POS system? We have experience with the planning, installation and deployment of RI POS systems for a number of businesses with the basic items required.



AccountantAccounting Firms

We recognize that running a successful Accounting Firm requires dependable up time, secure information storage, and fluid integration of new technologies.

SNECS, LLC provides flexible, reliable support to eliminate disruptions before they occur.


ServiceService Industries


We can help bridge the gap! We will speak to your software’s tech support for you and work with them to solve issues faster and with less stress for the client. Let SNECS be your go to Local RI IT support, one company, and one unified support experience.




SNECS, LLC helps Insurance firms identify the most secure, reliable, appropriate solutions for meeting their IT needs. Whether this involves managing sales contact information, enabling representatives to access client information remotely, or simply creating a robust back-up solution to protect against data loss.


BusinessDirectorySee a full list of the companies SNECS has serviced in just the past year in the Local Business Directory.