RI Point of Sale / POS systems custom built


Why should you be using a Point of Sale system?




       1) Point of Sale adjusts inventory with every sale, order, or return

       2) Instantly see what’s hot and what needs to be re-ordered

       3) Keep popular items in stock with automatic purchase orders

       4) Save money on inventory by ordering only what you need

Keep Track Of Customers:


     1) See who your best customers are with instant detailed reports

     2) Easily track purchase history by customer so you know them and their needs better

                     3) Automatically track and reward customers with personalized rewards program



Credit cards:


1) Save time by recording transactions in one step

2) Reduce errors by entering transactions only once

3) Accept Gift Cards quickly and easily

End of day:


1) Conduct business all without thinking of inventory

2) Watch figures for the day comparing last year at a glance

3) At the end of the day, hit one button and everything syncs seamlessly with your financial software.

Need a Complete System?

Let us take it from here, because we have our own retail locations and the support staff you need. We can not only setup the system for you but get you the right hardware, software and training you need all in one place. Plus, we have the staff to support you after the sale and installation.