Why use an Experienced Computer Technician?

Computer Tech“I can just call my cousin/nephew/aunt’s boyfriend, he’s good with computers. Why do I need an experienced computer technician to work on my computer? Maybe I’ll just have Uncle Mike look at it…”

If you’re like me (an experienced computer technician), you’ve probably heard something similar one too many times. Maybe your cousin/nephew/aunt’s boyfriend is good with computers, but how much experience do they really have? In this digital age, many of us find that computers are essential parts of our daily lives. They’re our international communications tool, our tax preparing tool, our business management tool, not to mention vaults of personal memories stored in digital format. Losing your computer or the data on it is a huge loss, considering all the above factors.

Most don’t realize it until it’s too late, and your cousin/nephew/aunt’s boyfriend has irretrievably destroyed your personal data by accidentally reinstalling the operating system or damaging either the hardware or software components of the machine. Don’t ruin family relationships or friendships by putting them on the spot to help you out. Get your issues taken care of by a professional.

Beware of the Shady Craigslist Ads

Cracraigslistigslist has gotten a lot of negative publicity lately due to the amount of scammers that are found on it. Yes, it’s useful for some things and there are even reputable computer technicians who have found it as a good advertising medium. However, there are disreputable individuals who make use of Craigslist to take advantage of people. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that wherever free advertising is found, you’ll find those scammers in abundance. This is something you should take very seriously, especially if they are entering your home or taking your computer for repairs.

Would you bring your new car to a random stranger?

automotiveIf your friend/family member says you can just find someone on Craigslist, or a relative who is ‘good with computers’, ask yourself, where would you take your new car when it has issues? Would you take it to someone you’ve never met before, or would you bring it to someone who has obvious experience with car repair?  Yes, there may be a huge difference in cost between the car and the computer, but the point is that if you value something, you’re not likely to let just anyone tinker around with it. If you’re not likely to let just anyone tinker around with your new car and the complex inner workings, why would you let just anyone tinker around with your new computer, which is just as complex and more easily damaged?

The Risk Involved

backup-vaultWhen picking a computer technician, keep in mind your circumstances. If you are a home user, your computer is most likely your vault of precious memories in the form of pictures, videos, scrawlings, and other art. I still find that many residential users still don’t regularly back up their data, leaving it vulnerable to total loss. Is that something you’re willing to just hand over to anyone without any real experience?

If you are a business owner, the risk in terms of profit and uptime are even more prominent. Business owners can’t afford to have their machines down for any length of time, and loss of business data and software programs isn’t something to treat lightly. Your customer records and billing information may also be on those machines. Is that something you just want to hand over to just anyone? Once an individual has physical access to a machine, there isn’t much that can’t be accessed, no matter how strong those passwords are. Once you understand the risks involved, you can opt for the experienced, trusted technicians.

It’s Your Decision in the End

You may decide to go ahead and use your cousin/nephew/aunt’s boyfriend anyway. To be blunt, it is your decision in the end. Unfortunately if something goes wrong, we may be the ones picking up the pieces later. Perhaps you have used this individual before? While everything went fine last time, it may have just been a simple fix that anyone could have done. However, next time it could be a serious registry problem or a failing hard drive. A misdiagnosis and hasty attempt at a fix can easily fail, or makes things worse.  By the end of it all, it could cost you more than tHelp Deskhe computer was worth in time and money spent on repairs that could have been avoided if you made sure to bring your PC to an experienced technician who does this sort of thing all day, every day.

Whatever you choose to do, remember we are always just a phone call away. Our experienced staff can help you with all your computing needs whether you’re a home user or business owner.  Worst case scenario, if something did go horribly wrong, we will work with you to fix the issue or give you the best options for repairs.

The Benefits of Using a Qualified, Experienced Computer Technician

When discussing the decision, make sure you’re focusing on your benefits. The main issue at stake is your assets, your memories, your business data, or your livelihood.  Hopefully, you make a wise decision, but I can only do my best to inform you of the risks when using just anyone and the benefits of using a qualified, experienced computer technician.


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