Fast Customer Service with Priority Service

for Companies who choose our “Office IT Solution Package

What is “Priority Service”?1364702607_08_settings

  Your company is put in the front of the line, you are the first to get serviced! The last thing you need to worry about is your server, network, viruses, spyware, hardware, or software problems that can slow your business down—or even bring it to a halt! We will be there for you when or if that happens.



Get Lightning Fast Emergency Response!

If you have an emergency, we can respond in 60 minutes or less – with our Trained HIPAA Certified, Background Checked Techs. We promise to talk straight with no “geek speak” and get you the answers you need. Our team of professionals are experts in Network Services, so you can count on us to provide all the support and service you need for your business in RI, Southern MA, and Eastern CT.


Prevent the problem before it begins!Service1

Our Business Computer Service Plan provides RI, MA, CT area businesses a computer systems specialist responsible for keeping systems performing at optimal levels. Our proactive service approach prevents most computer system problems from arising, but if a problem arises, technicians can be on-site the very same day to get systems up and running to minimize downtime. 


1364702649_connect_to_networkNetwork audit to find issues and plan the the future!

SNECS will perform an initial network audit at your business location, documenting current configuration, hardware, and software.  We work with you to create an IT plan and budget that includes your current needs and future growth.  Just relax and rest assured that your computers and systems will run better and your entire team can be more productive. We have Service Plans so you know you will be our 1st priority, if your server or workstation does not turn on or is having an issue. If you need walk-in, remote or onsite service for any reason, we are here for you with two convenient locations.