AutomotiveMaintaining your network is a lot like maintaining your car.

You shouldn’t wait until your engine fails to change your oil. You do regular maintenance on your car to avoid it from breaking down and costing you a fortune to fix. So don’t wait for your network to fail before you do regular maintenance.


Some questions to ask yourself about your current systems:

  • computer-virusIs your antivirus really working? Is it updating?
  • Are your backups running? Would a restore even work if you needed it?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan in place?
  • Are all updates being performed on your desktops and servers?
  • Is your system running out of disk space?
  • Is there a major problem that can be prevented before it happens because you are being proactive?

alarmdPut SNECS in charge of your network and you never have to worry.

We will proactively monitor your entire network and do everything possible to keep it running at optimal levels and prevent failures before they happen; all at an affordable, fixed price. Our proactive, managed IT service approach allows you access to our proven methods and business practices, leveraging our qualified expertise, lowering your IT expenditures, while at the same time increasing the capabilities, reliability and productivity of your network. Choosing SNECS as your Managed IT Solutions Partner is truly an exceptional value.

You will get improved technology services while reducing your costs!Insurance

Each client’s business needs are different, so call SNECS today for a free Onsite Evaluation. We will come onsite and discuss your needs, take a brief look at your systems in place and custom design a support solution that fits your specific needs.

Some Benefits of Managed IT Services:

  • Reduced and Predictable IT Costs
  • Complete Network Infrastructure Management & Support
  • Lowest Flat & Fixed Prices
  • Full IT Staff at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Hosted Email & Antivirus Support
  • Monitored Network Security
  • Malware/Antivirus Included
  • Managed Backup Solutions
  • Complete Remote Monitoring and Proactive Support
  • 4 Hour Response Time Included
  • Extended 3 Year Hardware/Labor Warranty¬† options on systems purchased from SNECS
  • Mandatory Scheduled Weekly/Monthly Visits Regardless of Any Problems Reported
  • Complete Desktop, Server & Email Support