Two great stores to service all you IT needs.

11 Years of Serving Our Community!


When we started this business 11 years ago, I never thought it would become what it is today! Because of all the local support from businesses and residential customers, we have become one of the largest privately owned computer stores in the area. We learned very fast that you cannot service your customers out of the back of your car or basement and offer any real level of professional service, not to mention response time. The box stores are going to sell you whatever inventory they need to move at that time. Also, their service is a joke because it is either overseas or with a tech that will never be there long enough to ever know you, your business or what you need in the long run.        

 RI CoinLocal RI based business.

Whether you’re a business owner or a home user, our stores are ready to cater to your needs. We have the latest technology with 2 full time staffs ready to serve you. Because we are a local RI based business, we care about our customers. From walk-in service to remote tie-ins in the comfort of your home or business, we are there. Our onsite team can straighten out your business in a snap! Need a server for your business? How about a laptop? We have 2 stores with systems in stock and anything else you will need for all your computer needs. Not to mention any company on our preventative maintenance plans gets a 24/7 emergency number!


This month only! Need help with your business? We are offering free onsite evaluations for your business!