facebook logoI will show you what to watch out for and how you can tell if it’s Real or just a Facebook Scam!

I got two Facebook emails this past week. Both looked legit, but luckily they were in my junk folder and I could see the spam underneath. I thought it would be fun to share with you all how sneaky these email spammers can be.

Facebook Scam Part 2


Now if you notice in the 2nd picture (click on the pictures to enlarge), it states in my Outlook program that it might be a phishing site. But would you notice that? Like most people, we just see that we have a problem with our email and our precious Facebook account. This is just one of the many ways hackers get into your account. But the question is…how did they get my Facebook email account in the first place to send me this information?

Hackers can easily make fake emails that look like they’re coming from Facebook with legitimate-looking credentials; after that, all they need is your email…

Your email address may be visible in the contact information section of your profile or it might be downloadable by ‘Friends’, so make sure it is inaccessible. Go to Account Settings > Email and make sure the appropriate boxes are selected. Another suggestion is to change your primary email address to one that only you know. If you have to, go make a free email account specifically for Facebook.

Also, make sure the password for your email is different from the password for your Facebook account (and all of your accounts for that matter) and make them complicated! It makes hacking more difficult.

facebook scam

Another possibility is that the security of your browser is making you susceptible to hackers. To make sure you are using Facebook securely, go to Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing and make sure that this is enabled (https). For general protection on the internet, type in https instead of just http in the URL when going to websites. The “s” in https stands for secure!

It is also important to make sure that your browser is up to date. If the version you are using is old, you may have missed some important security updates, so don’t ignore those browser update notifications.

The hackers will always be out there trying to make our lives more complicated, but if you take the time to make sure you are being safe, it will be much more difficult for them to attack you. Always make sure you have good antivirus software like Norton Antivirus.