How to Choose an IT Service Company

In today’s busy world computers are a part of everyday life. As a result, the computer service industry has exploded. Many “so called” computer service companies are not even companies at all! In some of these businesses, the extent of the company is a local ad and service is performed in a basement or garage. (Cellar dweller) Here are some red flags to look out for:

1) No physical address. mobileRetail1

2) Just a cell phone number.

3) Free pick up & delivery. (Where is the computer being serviced?)

4) Watch out for companies that used to be another name. (They closed and reopened for a reason!)

5) Make sure your choice for help has the following:

6) Real business address.

7) A License to sell retail and conduct business in that town. (Otherwise any parts you buy from them will not have the manufacturer’s warranty!)

8) Local references that use them. red_phone

You have seen our list of local companies that trust us! Take these simple steps & you will not be taken for a ride.