Your Local RI I.T. Department!

Have someone you can trust ready for when you need them!

lightning HDWhen it comes to your small business, there’s never a good time for a server to crash, a hard drive to go bad or a monitor to simply stop working. A small technical issue can quickly blossom into a full-scale business emergency if it isn’t correctly handled. And the reality is that most small businesses are unable to afford full-time IT staff that can help with day-to-day issues and manage problems as they arise.


We have 11 years behind us and are growing stronger every day.


That’s where we come in. Our business center means you have a team ready to help you. The server needs an upgrade, the boss’s laptop needs updated anti-virus definitions and the marketing department needs to install and set permissions for multi-user lead tracking software. While it would be nice to have IT professionals in-house to help with day-to-day computer support issues, it would also be prohibitively costly. Whether you need an IT support tech to diagnose a problem, or want expert IT management to develop a technology path forward for the company, we have highly skilled information technology professionals who can support your team without the cost associated with a full-time employee.


We can be logged into your system remotely in seconds if you need us!

Sharing InternetOur remote staff can tie in immediately and fix the issue not to mention send a member of the onsite response team to be onsite in a flash to fix any hardware issue that has arisen. Our 2 fully stocked stores mean we always have the computers and repair parts you need to get you back up and running right away. Many computer companies charge for consulting to tell you what you need to get up and running right. Not us! Call today and we will come out for a free onsite evaluation of your business.