Let me tell you a store about how the Big box stores are failing at PC Repair Service.

Not so long ago one of my favorite box stores (which should stick to selling staples and office supplies) was offing a free PC tune up. Unsuspecting customers would go in, only to find that if there was something really wrong with their computer it was $70.00 just to diagnosis it. Now even their free tune up cost $10.00, but it is strange because they always find a major issue. Big Box stores are failing at PC Repair Service plain and simple!

Why the Big box stores are failing at PC Repair Service?

The main reason why the box stores are failing at any support is they have no idea what they are doing. Their techs are glorified sales people and if they do not sell you a warranty, an upgrade or a new computer, they are in big trouble. Just Google the box stores name and after it put terrible service and you will see actual employee stories of how bad they rip you off. One women came in last week and bought a system from us because when she went to buy it at the box store they were trying to sell her a tune-up for it so it would run better! She responded it’s brand new!

Here is the difference, Big Box store Vs Local IT company.

We have been serving this area for over 11 years now. Our techs are local people that actually care that the issue you need help with is the issue that gets fixed. Our computers only have the best components in them because we know what to buy and what not to buy. Our techs do not get in trouble for not selling you items. Our techs are trained to make you happy, get you what you need and make sure when you leave us all your problems are solved.

Stick with what you know!

We work on computers, sell computers, build computers, and set-up computers in your home or business, computers are our only job. We are not trying to sell you staples, chairs, desks, coffee machines and any other thing the corporations wants us to sell you. We are here to make sure you get the computer you need (at a great price) that has the components in it so it will last. If what you come in for is service, we are going to make sure you are happy and leave with all your issues fixed. Come in today and see how nice it is to deal with a local company that really cares.

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