Amazon’s Alexa is slowly making her way into every room of the house. The popular home assistant helps you with hundreds of daily tasks, but now she can help you dress to impress! With the Amazon Echo Look, Alexa has made her way into your closet.

Equipped with a camera, four LED lights, and a microphone, the Echo Look is ready to take full length pictures and videos of your outfits. Using the Echo Look app on your phone, you can take photos, create 6-second long videos, or see a live 360-degree view of your outfit. To start taking pictures, use your phone and the app as a remote or use Alexa voice commands.

The Echo Look allows you to blur the background of photos, allowing you to focus on your outfits and style and not any messy backgrounds. Using the app, you can view your outfits, edit your pictures, and get your photos ready to share.

The Echo Look also has a “Style Check” feature which gives personalized style suggestions and second opinions on your outfits. If you submit two outfits, Style Check will tell you which looks better on you. Not only will it pick the better outfit, it will also explain why it’s better based on fit, color, styling, and current fashion trends.

This device helps to catalog the contents of your closet, virtually organize your clothes (such as filtering your closet by color) and allow you to view how others see you. Each picture also has a “Details” section, where you can write notes about your outfit. Based off your photos, the Echo Look will suggest other pieces you might want to purchase on Amazon.

The Echo Look’s fashion advice combines computer algorithms with advice from Amazon’s team of experienced fashion specialists. Over time, the fashion advice will continue to improve. As you interact with the app, its recommendations and suggestions will become more tailored to your style. Using your photos stored in the app, the Echo Look creates a “personal look book,” which allows you to keep track of your outfits, archive by season and weather, and organize outfits into collections.

If you’re fashion-conscious (or fashion-impaired) and in the market for a home assistant device, you can purchase the Echo Look on Amazon for $199.99.

Echo Look