Are you still using Windows Xp ?

It is High time you  Upgraded !!

Windows Xp has been our most beloved windows operating system dating 12 years ago (first introduced in 2001)  , and taking second place for the most popular windows version based on its user Base.

Over the years , new technology has emerged which has enabled new unprecedented capabilities in the computer world  which were previously not possible say 5 years ago. Yet Windows Xp has continued to survive the test of time , over a decade later.

Windows Xp has been and may still be your Favourite windows , and you may not see the need of upgrading to newer versions of windows , after all ” Why should you fix that which is not Broke ? “ . Well, Unfortunately based on the current technology era, Windows Xp is Broke and you Should UPGRADE as soon As Possible.

Here are the Important Reasons why you should Upgrade..

Reasons Why you should Ditch Windows and Upgrade

1. Security

1372619152_Security2Security is one of the Major Reasons why you should upgrade from windows  Xp.

For a decade old Operating system, windows Xp is more vulnerable to security threats than Ever before with Hackers exploiting ways of hacking into your system.

Another Sad news is Microsoft Recently announced that it will end Support for windows xp on April 8, 2014 . After this date, Microsoft will no longer offer any security patches to Windows xp users and this will render your windows computer Defenseless against hackers and virus attacks.

On April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP will no longer be available. Don’t let your PC go unprotected.” – Microsoft Company

Newer versions of windows have new secuirty features which means you and your data are secure. And with microsoft support guaranteed , you really should Upgrade.

2. Embrace New Technology and Hardware

1390609711_redhat-system_toolsThe technology world is rapidly changing every single day and Hardware / Software  manufactures are focusing their efforts on products that work on current windows versions, with most abandoning Windows Xp.

Sticking to windows Xp will prevent you from taking advantage of new tech hardware and features. Think of Bluetooth devices such as wireless keyboard , mouse ? Think of new printers on any other peripherals . finding the correct devices to enable you use these hardware devices with you windows computer will be next to impossible as compared to new versions of windows.

3. Access New programs and Software

hard_drive_programs_1New applications and software are currently being written for new versions of windows such as Windows 7  with limited support if any for windows Xp.

It is Important to Upgrade your windows operating System in order to Take advantage of this software which include Graphic processing, Video editting tools, Data analysis tools etc.

Whats more ? with Support for new softwares , Your productivity around your computer will be Greatly enhanced since you are now able to perform more.

I am Ready to Upgrade ? What are My Options

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

I bet you must be now Ready to upgrade and Ditch the old windows Xp. CONGRATULATIONS,  What Next ?

Currently two upgrade options are Available, where you can either upgrade to windows 7 or  the all new Windows 8.1 depending on your current computer hardware specifications.

Here at SNECSLLC , in addition to Computer repair services in Rhode Island, We do perform Complete operating system installation for computer users who want to upgrade or install a Fresh copy of their Operating Systems. In addition , we offer :

  • Operating system wipe / hard drive format
  • Operating system & system software installation
  • Installation and configuration of operating system updates
  • Install of basic software for general computing

Please Feel free to Contact us  if you would like to Upgrade your current PC from windows Xp  to Windows 7/8 and on any other questions and comments you may have regarding your computer.