Started in 1999 by owner and CEO Kurt “The Fish Guy” Harrington, Something Fishy is the product of a lifelong passion. While it was officially founded in 1999, the origin of Something Fishy started years earlier. The Fish Guy’s love for all things “fishy” started when he was 8 years old and received a goldfish as a Christmas present. At the young age of 8, he was hooked! Kurt and the entire team at Something Fishy love what they do and set the industry standard for other aquarium service providers, making them our Expert of the Month!

Growing up, Kurt had all the typical jobs for kids; he tried lemonade stands, mowed lawns, and had newspaper routes. In 1993, Kurt began cleaning the fish tank at his dentist’s office, laying the foundation for the future of Something Fishy. Kurt continued to clean tanks throughout high school, building a solid client base over the years. As he started to think about college, Kurt realized he didn’t want to give up his business. As he worked on obtaining his degree in business administration, Kurt maintained his company and officially created Something Fishy in 1999.

At Something Fishy, they want to share their love of fish with others which is why their goal is to simplify aquarium ownership. They have developed a series of processes, procedures, and systems to help others successfully maintain an aquarium with the minimal amount of time. Something Fishy’s team of marine biologists does the hard work for you—they design, install, and maintain your aquarium. The only thing you need to do is feed your fish, sit back, and enjoy!

When we asked what he likes about working with us, Kurt’s only complaint he has was that our office doesn’t have enough aquariums! Kurt recalls that when he was looking for a new IT company, that his “server and computers were basically on fire and things weren’t going well.” Kurt continues “we interviewed you, and out of all the companies we looked at, everything from your proposals to your solutions were systematic and very approachable. Thank god we met because your team made my stress so much lower!”

If you’re interested in adding an aquarium to your office or want to learn more about Something Fishy and their aquarium services, visit or give them a call at 877-FISH-TALK (877-347-4825). You can also visit their YouTube channel at to watch all their videos! Having one of their custom aquariums in our office, we can tell you that they’re the best and we’re not clownfishin’ around!