With the Summer in full swing, we are all getting into the spirit of things. From getting our fill of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill or indulging in some sweet treats like ice cream or Dell’s Lemonade, we may be indulging a tad too much.

This is where the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale comes to the rescue! This scale is able to sync up with your FitBit, Google Fit, Apple Health and other popular fitness apps while keeping track of your weight. No fitness device? No problem! You can also sync it via your smartphone.

It is able to keep track of up to 8 different users. This scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight and bone mass. With so much data, it will be easier to see that if you’ve been working out, that the weight you gain is muscle and not fat.

Available online at Amazon.com for $59.99, this scale can keep you and the whole family in check and keep your summer clothes fitting great all year round.