Top 5 reasons to outsource your IT

With the constant arrival of new technology and associated IT demands, most businesses struggle to keep on the cutting edge of IT advancements. Whether you are looking for an expert of a custom technology on a one-time project basis or your ongoing operations require too much of your IT staff’s time, SNECS can provide experienced personnel to accomplish your company IT goals.



Give you more time

So you can focus on what you do best, and we can do what we do best. In rapid growth periods, the back-office operations of a company will expand also. This expansion may start to consume resources (human and financial) at the expense of the core activities that have made your company successful. Outsourcing your tech headaches those activities will allow refocusing on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the back-office.

It will save you moneymoney_bag

IT / Tech that are complicated in nature, but the size of your company is preventing you from performing it at a consistent and reasonable cost, is another advantage of outsourcing.

Example: A small doctor’s office that wants a tech on call in case of trouble. One part-time person could not keep up with all the different changes in I.T. We are HIPAA Certified Techs, who can be there with in minutes remotely or onsite shortly after you call.


No need to train new Staff

Recruitment is a tough, time-consuming and expensive process at the best of times. No need to train new internal IT staf­f meaning less downtime for the company with less risk of losing important emails, and ultimately business, with IT support on hand 24/7.­ An outsourced company brings experience, knowledge and stability. If you are not from a technical background, how do you ensure you recruit the right people, especially when IT skills are in such high demand? With outsourcing, once you’ve selected the right IT partner, you don’t have to worry. You’ll have a highly-trained team on hand at all times.

Fast Emergency Computer Supportred_phone

When the need arise for Emergency Computer Support, your company can be at a standstill and you lose productivity and ultimately money as every minute goes by.  Outsource your IT Department and you receive many years of experience from the IT Professional as most likely they have seen the problem that you are having with other customers.  You receive fast and prompt solutions in order for your company and employees to keep on running!


Full team of Techs ready to go

If your business does not currently have an IT department, perhaps you don’t have space for an extra staff member. Or your company’s IT requirements has peaks and troughs, so there isn’t enough work to keep someone fully occupied. Although you depend on your IT systems, you simply can’t justify a

full-time, in-house employee. Some companies offer unlimited IT support contracts, which would enable you to call them whenever you need help, as if they were a dedicated member of your staff.