The last day of school in RI is almost here!

Come in today and see why so many people are switching to us! RI School is Out and you should be also.

RI School is Out! It is the best time to have your PC worked on!

Lenovo FrontThis is the perfect time to bring your computer in. Has it been running slow, getting  pop-ups or have you just been thinking of getting upgrades? If you are in the market    for a new computer, just drop off your old PC and let us transfer your data to your  new system! Bring in this ad and get a free data transfer with the purchase of any new   computer in the shop! We actually restore your data where it belongs, not hand it to you on disc like the box stores and let you figure out how to get it on your new computer!

Store hours that work for you.

Focus-targetWe are always here with convenient store hours and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Did you notice all of the computer stores that have come and gone? We have been advertising regularly for years and we are always here for you, full time, all the time! That is why you see more and more local businesses coming to us for service everyday! 11 years long, 11 years strong!

We carry it all!

Retail StoreWe are here with a full line of name brand laptops and desktops. Plus, friendly local service you can trust! Come in today and see why we are the clear choice for all your computer needs. We are still carrying a full line of computers with Windows XP as well as the latest Windows 8 systems. Our customers request them so we have them, unlike the big box stores we have business grade computers that actually last!

Now that RI School is Out, what are your plans for this summer let us know in the comments.