Take care of the Dads and Grads in your life!

With these RI Dads and Grads 2013 Deals!

Fathers Day Gift Idea

dad_avatarDads do a lot for us everyday, so how about a genuine surprise for Father’s Day? If Dad’s computer is running slow, get it upgraded to run like new. If Dad’s computer is getting old, get him a new one. The box stores will sell you a computer that poor dad has nobody to turn to if he has questions. Come see us. We are there for Dad if he needs anything. Purchase from us and all his info can be moved over for him (where it should be) onto his new computer, right from the start! These RI Dads and Grads 2013 Deals will help you save extra money.

Graduation Day Gift Idea

graduation_hatNow for the Grad in your life. If you want a state of the art laptop or desktop, we have it! We know what the grad in your life needs; a PC for fun now and power in the future. Do not get stuck buying a computer that they cannot use for school in the future after they play with it all summer. We have computers for all users, basic to advanced. We have many makes and models. Plus, they can get remote support from us no matter where they go to school. With us, they are only one click away from help!


Why buy from us?

27in all in oneWhen you get a computer from us for your family members, you are also giving them peace of mind. Any questions can be answered right away by our full time staffs in Johnston and North Smithfield. Also, when they need any kind of service, we will be there to help them with any issues that arise, now and in the future.  From laptops, desktops, printers, routers or anything you may need for computers, we are your local solution! Two convenient locations with great selections and local service!

Extra Savings, RI Dads and Grads 2013 Deals

Print in this ad (good until Father’s day) and get a free data transfer from your old computer to your new computer that you purchase in either one of our stores. You can even purchase the computer, give it as a gift and they can bring it back for the data transfer later!

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