For over 40 years, Dr. John Pugliese has been providing quality eye care to each of his patients. At Pugliese Family Eye Care they don’t believe in packing the practice full of patients and rushing people out. Dr. Pugliese and the team treat every patient with respect and give them the time they need, which is why they’re our latest Expert of the Month!

At Pugliese Family Eye Care their basic philosophy is that they’re a family business. His wife Jane has taken care of optical and office management for the past 30 years, and his son Dave joined him as an optometrist 3 years ago. Dr. Pugliese likes to keep his practice in the family, because they treat generations of families who have been going there for years. As Dr. Pugliese states, “I want to build a relationship with my patients. I don’t want them to come in, have the exam, and then never see them again. I want to have a conversation with my patients and make sure they’re okay.”

Pugliese Family Eye Care

Dr. John Pugliese and his son Dr. Dave Pugliese 

The entire team knows that their focus on patients sets them apart from other practices. Dr. Pugliese believes “we’re all optometrists and we all learn the same thing—it’s the level of personalization and relationship building that matters most.” In fact, Dr. Pugliese puts his personal cell phone number on his business cards in case his patients have an after-hour emergency. In the event of an emergency, he’ll answer patients’ calls, help over the phone, or even come into the practice on a weekend to help.

The doctors are experts when it comes to routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, glaucoma treatments, diabetic eye exams, and much more. They even follow diabetes and work with patients’ physicians and endocrinologists, offering diabetic counseling to ensure patients stay on the right track.

We’ve known Dr. Pugliese ever since we had a storefront in the Lincoln Mall. Dr. Pugliese enjoys the level of personalization we continue to deliver. He reflects on our long relationship, saying “over the years you’ve grown into a bigger company, but I love knowing that I can still call anyone and that you’re there when I need you.” Dr. Pugliese also loves how we’re able to help his practice with HIPAA compliance. “When it comes to HIPAA, you guys take a load off my plate,” he continues “there’s so many rules and regulations that it’s hard to keep up. I’m here to take care of my patients and everyone helps me do exactly that.”

If you’d like to learn more about Pugliese Family Eye Care, visit their website To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pugliese and his team, give them a call at 401-349-4791 or send an email to