The Right Solution for Home or Business – PC Repair in our RI Store

Many companies may offer you solutions to your problems, but signwe take the time to make sure you get the best one. Here are some signs to look for to make sure you have the right solution!

Top 3 Reasons:

1.)      Many companies advertise “WE” in their ads and websites. The difference is we really have 2 full time staffs ready to serve you and answer your calls. Many of these so-called service companies are just 1 or 2 guys working on the side. When you need them, they are too busy to help.

2.)    1374614068_free  Box stores will advertise “Free PC Tune-up”, but when you bring it in they tell you “By the way, it needs a diagnostic check.” They charge $80.00 for this! Our diagnostic is $29.00 and all of the box store’s prices are higher than ours. Check the websites; it is all a gimmick to get you in.

3.)                    Retail Store I love the classic “Don’t unplug your computer, we will come to you!” advertisement. Translation: “We have no store for you to come to. We service PCs out of our car or mom’s basement.” Beware of this. If your computer problems are minor, we have a full time staff ready to tie into your computer right from our stores. No need to have some weird person in your house that you have never seen before. If your problems are serious, you need our high tech service center. We will make sure your data is safe and that the problem is diagnosed and repaired. You cannot do that by sitting in front of a broken computer, racking up onsite hours.

Bottom line:

Get the right solution from the right people. We have solutions for all situations. Remote tie in, quick onsite response, full time staffs with real store hours and two fully stocked stores for your computer needs. We have the supplies you require for your PC! Come in today and see!