Smart home devices are taking over with force. But not all devices are meant for just a home. The Nest Thermostat can be installed in most offices and can cut your energy bills quickly! Most installs for it take about 30 minutes, including the hardware installation. You don’t need to spend time programming it. The Nest is unique in that it actively learns and adapts to your life. Start by manually adjusting the heat or AC to your comfort zone and it will start knowing when to warm the place up for the morning or to lower the temperature if you’re leaving for the day. Eventually, it will learn the seasons, when you wake up, leave for work, or go to bed and adjust itself as needed.

Why Invest In The Nest?

Built on the smart device technology we all love, you can control your Nest from your smartphone! As long as it’s online, you can adjust the temperature remotely. If there is a change to the regular schedule, you can adjust the thermostat on the fly. Best of all, if it thinks there’s something wrong it can send you an alert. If the temperature drops so low the pipes could burst or if your furnace is acting up, Nest knows. Just one of these alerts can save you thousands of dollars in home or office repairs.

The Nest Thermostat is simple, sleek, and savvy. It comes in a variety of colors (including black, white, and copper) and the display of the device can be changed to show the temperature, the weather, or even replicate an analog clock. As time goes on, updates are released for it that improve on it’s many features. As far as smart home devices go, this should be at the top of everyone’s list. The benefits are huge and for $249.99, the savings you earn could pay for itself within 2 years of use.