At SNECS, we love all things IT related, and our technicians have a passion for technology. We enjoy sharing our love of technology with others—especially those that are interested in our field! As a company, we take advantage of any opportunities that allow us to enrich our community, shape minds, and share our knowledge with others. Being on the MTTI Advisory Committee allows us to do exactly that!

Owner Nick Bernfeld spoke to students at MTTI about the ever-changing IT field! With the vast amount of technology, people will always need computer technicians. We want to help educate and usher in the next generation of IT professionals!

Because we are on the Advisory Committee, we provide MTTI input on ways to develop their program’s curriculum. As professionals in the industry, we know what skills and knowledge graduates need to get the jobs they want.

Our suggestions and recommendations will help the future of the Computer Service Technician program, allowing students to transform their love of computers and technology into a successful career!

MTTI Advisory Committee