There are many ways in which your business, foundation, or other organization can stand out from the crowd. Most web services attempt to create a more sophisticated and unique visitor experience by offering them to create a personalized account. For most paid services, like Spotify Premium or YouTube Red, there are limitations placed on these free accounts to incentivize users to sign up for a paid account. While this can be a great way to offer a custom experience for your visitors, this approach has surely exhausted its novelty. I think most users would agree, we would rather not make an account for another website to view something as trivial as the current flavors of coffee available at our local drive through.  This attempt to create an exceptional and customized experience on many websites can actually turn potentially satisfied visitors away to competitors, if used impractically. That’s where JivoChat turns the tables.

One of the greatest tools we have found here at Southern New England Computer Services is the JivoChat platform. This great program allows guests the opportunity to chat directly with dedicated staff in real-time. This can be very useful in a service-oriented industry as many current and potential customers would prefer to quickly chat with someone rather than being tied up on the phone or taking a trip to a storefront. The JivoChat client allows us to have an open line of communication with any visitor who happens upon our website. For existing customers, Jivo has proved to be invaluable in allowing our customers to contact us in the most convenient way possible for them. We service many businesses and it is not always feasible for them to call us or submit a ticket when they have a need to contact us. If they are having computer problems, they can chat in seconds from pretty much any device. This is because JivoChat works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and any devices that can access web pages. Jivo provides an alternative avenue of connection to our clients and shows that we take our customers, and their satisfaction, very seriously.

Ever been on hold with tech support as they scramble for 20 minutes to find you an agent? How about waiting for an e-mail reply to just get an answer for a very simple question? You can eliminate these potential communication bottlenecks and allow your customers to speak to one of your staff within seconds. Jivo will also allow your employees to more easily communicate with people who may have a disability or handicap. As a computer service and sales based company, we have had to rigorously test Jivo (like the rest of the software/hardware we roll out) before we could fully implement it. The JivoChat program is extremely easy to add on to a website, whether you are starting one from scratch or have had one for years. Visit for more information. Furthermore, the chat is practically instantaneous with less a second send/receive times for even the longest messages. Also, the Jivo program is very light and unobtrusive, unlike some of its competitors we have tested.

Jivo really has gone above and beyond with how finely tuned the program and its features are. For instance, you can set pro-active invitations, essentially notifying the visitor that there is a representative from your company ready to speak to them now! Also, the customization options allow the web master to choose if pro-active invitations will display immediately when the customer reaches the website, or if it should delay until the visitor navigates further. Even with pro-active invitations turned off, Jivo’s minimal interface simply states “Chat with us, we are online!” to let your website guests know how easily they can have a personalized support experience. JivoChat has a free option available for web masters who may want to test the waters. Don’t make your visitors jump through hoops to contact you or ask a simple question, choose JivoChat for your website to let your clients know you are there for them!

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