If you want your data safe, consider this:

spywareWith technology getting better, you would think we would see less security mistakes being made on personal and business computers. Right? Wrong!!! With today’s big box stores and cable service techs, it’s getting worse! Many of them trick you into a false sense of security with their free anti-virus programs. We see it everyday, computers getting infected because the right security was not installed to begin with! Come in today and let us install a security backbone that actually works. We can also inform you of the programs and sites to stay away from!  Get the right security backbone!

Don’t cut corners with your data!

Help DeskWe get computers in everyday from other service centers that have not been serviced right! Cheap components get installed, questionable software is loaded on and every computer leaves without getting checked to see if there is potential for future problems. Don’t wait until it’s too late to rescue your PC. Get peace of mind and come in today to see the difference we can make!

Are you backing up your data?backup-vault

From viruses attacking your system, files to failing hardware, we can make sure you do not lose your personal data. Come in today and we can show you how easy it is to backup your data automatically and often!  We even have our own cloud backup service that is cheaper than Carbonite and since we take care of the backups, local support is only a phone call away! Go to www.filetobackup.com.

No local computer store is more respected and trusted by local businesses!

We concentrate on computers 24/7, that is why we are the #1 local computer store in the area! More local businesses are trusting us as their local IT solution, come and see why. Now with 2 convenient locations!