Is it time for a Windows reload?


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It’s not easy getting old,

Even for computers.  Computers get confused.  Hard drives get crowded.  Life gets complicated.
That’s why every now and then, it’s a good idea to not only make sure you’ve got a backup of all your most important files, but also perhaps to reinstall your operating system.  It’s a great way to reinvigorate and bring new life into your computer.  Your computer may have come with several discs called “restore discs,” The only problem with using these disks is that all of your updates will be gone and you have to make sure you have the CD’s for all the programs you’ve installed since you bought your computer.


A proper backup is essential to getting your computer back the way it backup

Once the system is reloaded it will run like the day you bought it! You start on a clean slate with no spyware or old programs to slow you down. If you are unsure about backing up or installing the latest updates to your computer bring it in to us, we specialize in data backups and restoring your pc with not only the latest updates but the latest software enhancements to keep it running like new even longer! We can even restore users, .pst files (e-mail) .wab files (address books) and other items you might miss on your own.