What is a IT Managed Service Provider?

agentProcedures3As an IT service provider, it is important to make sure you choose the right IT managed services provider to partner with. It is a very critical decision not only for you, but for your clients as well. There are a lot of options available but in the case of backup especially, most are either flimsy consumer grade products or solutions that are enterprise-level and much too intensive for your small to medium business clients. There are some guidelines you can follow in choosing an IT managed service provider to have a cooperative and profitable partnership.


Perhaps the most basic requirement managed service providers should look for is security. If the solution of your client is insecure, it will render all of the other functionality and features doubtful. Make sure to look for security certifications satisfying HIPAA requirements.

What are the different parts of Managed Services?

You require managed service solutions that are specifically for managed service providers as well as other IT resellers. One of the ways to gauge if your provider is truly eager about partnering would be to evaluate the management tools they have. It is very important that your solutions have more detailed and organized reporting functionality. For instance, a management portal allowing you not only to manage tools but at the same time provide insights regarding your profits, costs and client billing is vital to your experience with the software and can ascertain the failure or success of the solution in general.remote-computer-pc-support

Another important element to look for when picking an IT managed services provider is the integration with your remote monitoring and management and professional service automation tools. By incorporating new services into your pre-existing management tools, the overall management process will become less of a hassle and smooth flowing.

 The Bottom Line!

There are also other ways you can ensure a potential solution is most profitable for your IT business. That includes their ability to provide secure software at reasonable price that you can sell. It is the sales component where the reseller program of your provider will have the most impact. When white label solution is offered, the IT managed services provider will enable you to make an impact right away on the bottom line of your business.


Some companies can format virtually everything, from software, to the website of the end user to marketing and sales and others. A managed services provider that can give you all the tools to resell their solution understands truly that their success depends on yours. Such companies could make reselling their solution as easy as possible.

24-7 monitoring

Moreover, if the solution provider you choose is the proprietary owner of the software, your support will be more robust and thorough since they create the solution from the ground up. This means they understand the functionality of their software inside out. A vital component of your success with a solution is the robustness of the support team of the IT managed services provider.


To choose the right partner, make sure to investigate all of your options carefully and critically. They should be able to fulfill the core elements of reliable and secure software, easy to use reporting and management tools and an excellent reseller program.