Help DeskWhat is a Help Desk?

The goal is to streamline all communication within a ticket that has a highly organized workflow towards resolution of the customer issue. Consistent use of a ticket system is considered a hallmark of great customer support/call center support. To drill a little deeper, a ticket is an element in a trouble ticketing system which contains a full streamlined history of all support-related interventions made by customer support team members, subject matter experts, and sometimes even third parties on behalf of the end user or customer.

Why Should I Use The Help Desk?


A help desk can help you manage your daily projects and user-requests. Spiceworks’ integrated help desk can simplify your work day tremendously.

  • Keep you informed: The help desk can keep you up-to-date on the status of their ticket leaving you free to work on other things.
  • Allows us to Divvy up your work: We work on tickets side by side and avoid doing the same job twice.
  • Identify common issues: You can identify the machines and users that create the most work. This can help reduce your workload.
  • Document your work: You can view all documents, which can help you show see what we did to fix problem.

How Does the SNECS Help Desk Work?

hosted exchangeA help desk can help make your user support process efficient. It can help take care of the details, letting you focus on the actual issues.

  • Receive tickets by email or through the Webportal:  Users can submit and keep track of the status of their tickets on their own. Now you don’t have to spend your time asking for updates.
  • Ticket queues: You and your co-workers can work on your own tickets. You can also see each other’s tickets. This will help your team balance the workload.
  • Built-in reporting: Built-in reports can tell you which machines or users create the most tickets. Now you’ll have the documentation you need to make the case for upgrades.

Submit a TicketTry the help desk!

It’s free to submit a ticket, but we do charge for our time to fix your issues. You need to be a current customer before you can submit a ticket so we have you info on file, please contact us for a free onsite evaluation if you have never been in to the store before.

$45 for 30min of remote time or $100 for 1 Hour onsite, you can see all our service charges here



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