Are you lacking some skills in the kitchen? Maybe you stick to the same couple of meals you know how to cook? Well, if this sounds like you, perhaps you may want to get this little buddy for your kitchen. Meet the “Hello Egg!”

The “Hello Egg!” is riding the wave of digital assistants and becoming a blend of Alexa, YouTube and teacher for your culinary needs. It promotes variety, self-teaching and organization for better eating habits.

Starting with some of the basic features, it is a small, egg-shaped device that has a built-in speaker, microphone, and screen. This allows for video-guided tutorials to cook any recipe you find. The magic is that everything is hands-free so you can watch, navigate and follow along without a single touch.

If you want to jazz up your weekly meal rotation, you can plan your meals out in advance. The Hello Egg! will help you create a shopping list to get all your ingredients the next time you stop by the market.

There will be a few different versions of the Hello Egg! but for now, we have to wait since it is only available as a pre-order. You can get more information on their website:

Hello Egg