Remember Garmin? You know, the GPS you probably used before smartphones took over. Garmin and Amazon teamed up to create the Garmin Speak. What does this mean? Well, it means that Amazon’s Alexa can leave your house, and go on road trips with you!

What is the Garmin Speak?

The Garmin Speak is a device, like the Echo Dot, that can be mounted to your car’s dashboard. The device does not require a Wi-Fi connection or hotspot. Instead, it uses your smartphone’s data and signal to operate. It is fully integrated with Alexa, meaning that all of her services are available while you drive. Just like in your home, Alexa can help you with just about anything. While you’re driving, you can access your music and playlists, listen to the news, get traffic updates, and much more. She can keep entertained during your drive by telling jokes, playing interactive games, trivia, and more.

You can even ask Alexa to remotely manage your smartphone devices at home.  You’ll never have to try and remember if you left your lights on, or forgot to turn the thermostat down.

She can even give you driving directions. By saying “Alexa, ask Garmin…,” you can access Garmin’s GPS. Not only will the Garmin Speak give you the turn-by-turn spoken directions, it will also display arrows for upcoming turns, lane guidance, and driver alerts.

The device streams Alexa’s responses directly through your car’s speakers, by using your Bluetooth. You can also plug the Garmin Speak into your car’s AUX port. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, or an AUX port, then all sound will be delivered through the device. The Garmin Speak automatically receives software updates on a regular basis. You’ll never have to worry about your device not having the latest software or maps. All you need to do is install the free Garmin Speak app on your phone and you’re ready to roll!

You can purchase the Garmin Speak on Amazon, starting at $149.99.


Garmin Speak
Garmin Speak
Garmin Speak