Watch out for Fake Computer Companies!

Don’t let this be you!

The worst scam I have heard of is a women that called an ad in the paper for computer repair that offered free pickup and deliverywarning. She unfortunately did not check to see if it was a real business or where the guy was located. Sure enough, someone showed up, picked up her laptop and she never heard from them again! Below is some advise so you can avoid Fake Computer Companies!

What you can do to protect yourself.

blue_piratesMy advice is check the business address, make sure they are really located where they say they are. Anyone can pick up a “burner” cell phone in a local convenience store and spend the day picking up computers “for repair”. Then, they make their profit selling them and pirating the personal info stored within the PC!

Some of my latest business clients have told me how they went online to research computer companies. They come up right in a Google search with a shiny, great looking website only to find out it is one guy that bought into a franchise like Faster Technicians. They get all the look of a real business, but are working out of their basements with no real training or resources at all. Always, find out where they are located and if they are a registered business in that town. Remember, do not just call a random phone number in an ad with no address. Who are they? Where are they taking your computer if they leave with it? Will they be there when you call back? Don’t let these scam artist take advantage of you. Look for the business that has been serving Northern RI for the past 11 years!

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