On November 12th, Nick, Paul and Leeanna attended the eMyth Business workshop at the Hampton Inn of Smithfield. There was a great energy among all the attendees which was made up of business owners all over the Northeast. The day started with a light breakfast and a quick 30 second introduction from each person in the room. There were some fathers and sons, husbands and wives and longtime friends there together. Each person there dedicated a day to work on their business (not in it) which is a great takeaway from the eMyth material.

Everyone was very supportive of each other and some great advice was shared within each group including an awesome book list and some great productivity apps and podcasts. Jim Crisafulli was a terrific speaker and together, him and his team of coaches lead a productive and insightful workshop. Everyone left there with a clear plan and goal for their business in 2016 (and beyond).