If you have an Alexa device in your home, you know that your kids love talking to her. Amazon released a kid-friendly version of the Echo Dot. The Kids Edition is in a durable blue, green, or red protective case. With the Kids Edition, your children can play games and music, listen to audiobooks, ask Alexa questions, and more!

The Kids Edition has an array of controls, making it easy for parents to control exactly what kids can and cannot do. Parents can set daily limits, bedtimes and alarms. The Echo Dot allows you to set filters to remove explicit music and apply an age filter to make Alexa even more age appropriate.

This Alexa is great with kids! Alexa is packed with personality, and more cheerful than other devices. For example, if your child says good morning to Alexa, she’ll say something like “Good morning! Time to shake it out! Move your body and shake out the sleep.”  The Kids Edition Alexa will also give your child positive reinforcement if they remember to say please and thank you when asking her questions.

For sensitive topics, such as where do babies come from or if your child is sad or being bullied, Alexa encourages your child to speak to an adult

The Echo Dot Kids Edition also functions as an alarm clock and intercom.Using the Alexa app, you can change the alarm voice to a cartoon character like Spongebob or available Pixar characters. The device has a “Drop In” feature, that allows you to connect compatible Echo devices. The “Drop In” feature then turns the device into an intercom, allowing you to listen and speak to your child from a different room.

The device has one year of FreeTime Unlimited for free. This offers more content like fun and educational games, ad-free radio stations and playlists, Audible books, and a list of Alexa skills. There is also a two-year, no-questions-asked replacement policy if anything happens to the device.

If you and your child love Alexa, then this product is for you!

You can purchase the Echo Dot Kids Edition on Amazon for $79.99.

Echo Dot Kids Edition
Echo Dot Kids Edition