Do I need to back up my Data?

The correct answer is YES!

The hard disk drives in today’s computers are simply massive. 

lightning HDThe ability to store 250 to 500 gigabytes of information right out of the box makes it easy to work with huge video and audio files just minutes after bringing your computer home. But even with a huge hard drive you should have another drive on which to store your backup information.  Your best bet, if you have a desktop computer, is an extra internal hard drive. For less than a dollar per gigabyte, you can add a separate storage disk where you can store your backups… A second disk means your computer is free to use its main drive exclusively for the operating system and software while keeping your backup files away from constant use. 


Will this increase my computer speed?Fast

Yes, you’ll see better performance right away, and with all your video on a separate drive, you won’t lose the data if your computer crashes. Come in today to get a second internal or external hard drive or flash drive installed for your computer and protect all your important documents and pictures! Another backup alternative is storing your information online, ‘in the cloud’. This allows you to pay one low flat rate to store your data online and you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe even if your computer catches fire!

Is it Safe, is online backup secure or can it be hacked?

HackerAlmost all services will also encrypt your data back and forth to your system so that no one can eaves drop and see your private information. Services such as File to Backup offer a low charge yearly fee for unlimited backup space! They even have a free trial of File to Backup. Feel free to try the service or purchase yourself a nice new backup drive to keep your information safe and secure. After all, you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone!