all you need to know about computer servers

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You might have heard of the phrase ” Computer Server “ and silently wondered what it actually meant….

Not anymore. In this post, you will learn all the important information there is to know about computer severs namely what they are and how they are being used around the world and much more.

Let us get started…

What is a Computer Server ?

A Computer server, simply put, is a powerful computer which is specifically designed to provide services to other computers which have requested the said services, and the two are connected via a link such as a computer network.

These services may include: Information request, data management(addition, deletion, storage) or a service request.

Important Terms Associated with Computer Servers

For there to be a computer server, a computer which is responsible for receiving requests must exist, this is known as a computer client. Thus the two most  important terms are

  • Server : Responsible for servicing requests it receives from a client computer
  • Client : Responsible for requesting services from the Server

The Server and Client are connected through a model known as the Client – Server Architecture.

Where are Computer Servers Used

Computer servers are usually used in organizations or any other large institutions to perform a wide variety of tasks which include but not limited to

  • computer servers are used to serve webpages to internet users

    computer servers are used to serve webpages to internet users

    Used to run applications that require a significant amount of processing power in order to run at specific speeds to deliver on client requests

  • In a given organization , a server can be used to manage shared resources among the various client computers in the organizations. This shared resources may include Printers, database access, a given application etc.
  • Web hosting companies use computer servers to store website pages and serve them to users as and when they are requested.

The Most Common Types of Computer Servers

The most common types of computer servers are:

  • Application servers – Used to deliver application services
  • Database servers – used for storage and management of databases
  • Network servers – used for provision of network services

Main Purpose of  Computer Servers , Do i really need one ?

As earlier mentioned , the main purpose of computer servers are for software applications in a business environment, where they help manage (store, retrieve, process) information that comes in and goes out of the business environment.

Its application may range from small offices of 5 users and beyond to large organization featuring 100’s of computers or clients .

Do I Really Need One ?

This question can be well answered depending on your needs or operating environment

  • computer servers - rhode islandFor Home Use : You probably do not need one and you can do well with your personal computer, by using software such  as WAMP or XAMP.
  • Office Use : Depending on the number of computers used, the nature of work and data to be shared, you may need one such as the Network server that will allow you to service requests and provide access to shared resources
  • Developers : For developers , who develop applications that are to be accessed by a majority of users, you will need an Application server in order to properly handle the given requests

Computer servers are important and necessary in our day to day computing activities such as accessing the internet , downloading data/applications and accessing services through communication networks.

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