Computer Security

Is your computer fully protected from the constant threat of breaches and viruses? If you use a computer or a mobile device, you need to understand how to secure your technology and information. Ensuring that your computer is fully protected is vital to your safety. People always talk about computer security, but do you know what it means?


What is Computer Security?

Computer security, also known as cyber security or IT security, is the protection of a computing system’s hardware, software, and information. Computer security includes controlling and limiting access to your hardware, as well as protecting against threats from network access, and data or code injection. With the vast amounts of information stored on your devices, it’s important to have everything completely protected. If your security isn’t strong enough, an attacker could obtain your passwords, personal information, documents, and much more.


The 90/10 Rule

Do you need to learn about computer security? The answer is absolutely! While an IT technician can help, having good security is your responsibility. A good rule of thumb for security standards follows the “90/10” Rule. This rule states that 10% of your security countermeasures are technical, and 90% of security defenses rely on you to follow good computer practices.

What do we mean when we say 10% is “technical”? Think of the “90/10” Rule as locking your door. The lock on door is the 10%. The door lock does its job; it locks the door. The other 90% comes from you. You need to remember to use the lock, make sure the door is closed, don’t lose your keys, etc.


What Can You Do?

There are a few things you can do to avoid many security threats. Some things you can do are:

  • Use good, strong passwords
  • Ensure your devices have up-to-date software and applications
  • Update your computer’s antivirus and anti-virus software
  • Don’t download unknown files and programs
  • Don’t click on unknown links or attachments

Ultimately, you want to do anything possible to avoid becoming a victim. The stronger your computer security is, the more protected your information and system will be.  While there are endless security threats, you should remember that most of them are avoidable. By practicing safe computer and internet practices, you’re already taking steps in the right direction. If you’re still unsure or worried about your computer security, give us a call or stop by our store!