troll-faceHave you been the victim of a “troll”, someone who intentionally causes trouble by provoking arguments or leaving bad reviews to upset their target? It happens to people everyday online, whether it is on YouTube, Amazon, Facebook or Yelp, the trolls feed off of their victim’s anger. That is why it is important to have a strong online presence filled with real customer reviews and statements, to combat the trolls of the online world.

How often do you use your favorite search engine to check on a company’s products, services, and feedback before dealing with them? That’s exactly what most people do these days – they Reputation Managementresearch a company and see what others have to say. The same thing applies to your business. If you have a bad online reputation, you’re going to feel it hit your bottom line hard. Managing and maintaining your online reputation is therefore as important as having one in the first place. Let’s take a look at the reasons your business needs a positive online reputation.

Trust and credibility—Trust and credibility are two important factors and could either make or break your business’s online reputation. If you can over-deliver on your customers’ expectations, there’s a good chance they will spread the word about their experience – and that’s great for your business.

Increased sales—Customers are more likely than ever to research brands, products, and services online before they make the decision to purchase. Make sure you have social media accounts ready, and ask your existing customers to follow you. Post regularly about your products, along with other valuable content related to the nature of your business to grab your customers’ attention.

social_mediaOnline insightsToday, it’s common to see negative feedback on a business’s social media pages. If things aren’t addressed properly, a negative comment or review could be the start of your business’s downfall. By establishing an online presence you will gain a valuable insight into what your clients and competitors are saying about you. If it’s something bad, you can step in and rectify the issue before it goes viral.

Show your best side—Potential customers are online right now, researching your company before doing business with you. Some of them don’t know you well enough to make immediate decisions, and so will judge your business on the basis of the information that is available to them. Remember, whatever products or services you provide, once the feedback appears online, it sticks. This is a chance to present your company in a good light to attract customers, which converts into revenue.