Since Apple has “cut the cord” by removing the headphones jack from their newest iPhones, many users are seeking an alternative. Now, with the Bragi Wireless Earbuds, anyone can get a quality wireless headset without a large investment.

The Bragi Earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and intuitive. By utilizing Bluetooth technology, these little buddies will work with just about any Bluetooth device. They get about 6 hours of wireless play on a single charge which isn’t too bad.

With all the buttons on the bud itself, you can switch tracks, adjust volume, accept calls, and deliver voice commands without having to look at your smartphone. Also, they are designed for 3 different size types to deliver a secure fit without much fuss.

Another neat feature is that they are sweat-proof meaning a gym session isn’t gonna short these babies out. If you are looking for something that has bio-metric sensors and is waterproof, check out the Bragi Dash. They have more features but sport a $300 price tag.

Available at for $149.99, these Earbuds will give Apple a run for their money!