A short story of a local business computer issues.

When Viruses Strike, the nightmare…

agt_virus I went ahead with the Outlook work and during this time, a virus struck one of the computers in the office. It was so bad that Century Link banned them from internet usage. The whole office was then under attack and shut down; no internet. We moved our Outlook project to the side to focus on the virus and getting their internet back on. Luckily the client had a hot spot and we could install programs from a flash drive, but could you imagine the nightmare that could have happened? Are your Business Computers Safe and Secure from virus Attacks?

More Technical Trouble, Wifi freeloader haven!

WifiAfter I tried to help them as much as I could remotely, we also found the router was not secured. Whoever installed the router did not put on a security password to log into the router; so, anyone in their building could have accessed it, got on their network and potentially hacked their systems. As far as backup, they are using local external hard drives. After this situation, we will be moving their data to the cloud – mostly because of theft or fire.

In the end, we secured their router, removed the virus, returned the internet and got back on track with the project. Slight delay…but it could have been way worse for this company. Are your Business Computers Safe and Secure from Wifi Freeloaders?

Free VS Paid Antivirus

AntivirusFree Anti-virus is never a good answer for a company. We prefer paid anti-virus, because it is more reliable, capturing about 90% of the attacks out there, and can be  backed up with a free program like Malware bytes or Lavasoft Ad-aware. The speed in which malicious websites are created on compromised legitimate websites is illustrated by a single attack last year that used nearly 2,000 different web addresses on 291 sites to exploit users all in one day. Are your Business Computers Safe and Secure or not?

After reading this Article it might be a good time to check your own.


linkWifi Secure?

If you are not sure about your router being secure, we do spot checks here at SNECS. We will remote in, check your security and if you wish, change your Wi-Fi passwords. This is a good idea, too, if you have a lot of guests. We can also set up a guest account, so they don’t have any access to network devices or computers.


Go online backup, that trusty external hard drive you’re been using for years can crash at any moment, any time. Data recovery is very expensive and lightening has struck and zapped too many of my clients computers to not have backup in the cloud. The cloud is not expensive and worth every dollar. Offsite Backup is a great solution to go along with any local backups.


Is you antivirus out of date, is there a red X next to it? Open up your antivirus try to get it some manual updates, also try to run a full system scan. If it’s a free software like Avast or AVG we recommend you upgrade to a full paid for Antivirus solution


Your Thoughts? Have you had a similar experience, or a worst experience with virus please post your comments below so I can hear about it.