Many people have mixed feelings about any Apple product. They either swear by them or hate them.

Enter the Apple watch

The newest gadget from Apple looks to have been taken straight from a James Bond film.

Some users hate the watch saying it is tough to see and open apps because it is so tiny. Also, the speed of the apps are slow compared to if you were to use them directly on your phone. Some just did not like the feel of the watch or the design of it.

Other users love this watch, saying that it actually helps them disconnect from their phone. They would check their phone every few minutes or get those phantom vibrations that would interrupt their tasks. Now, they can easily reply to a text, read a quick email or receive driving directions with it.

Dennis Watch“I love it so far!” says Dennis Toole, verified Apple Watch owner. “It doesn’t support 3rd party apps until the next iOS update in the fall but that is the only downfall so far. It is great for exercise apps and surprisingly good call quality. Also, any apps that don’t require the internet don’t need to be in the iPhone’s Bluetooth range.”

It comes down to whether or not you are even interested in trying it out. Some are excited by it (like myself) while others don’t care at all. Only time will tell the future of this watch.