Apple welcomes the newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 7. As with each revision comes some big changes, for better or worse.

Let’s start with the biggest change: the missing headphone jack. Many people thought this was a joke at first… but it’s true. To make room for more features, something had to go. Apple does include the 3.5mm adapter but you cannot charge your phone and use the 3.5mm adapter at the same time. Unfortunately, this is one thing that will make or break the sales going forward, especially for those on the fence.

Aside from that, the new iPhone 7 has many great features that may attract some to the upgrade. First, it is now fully water-resistant. So if you drop it in the sink or jump in a pool, your phone can survive the dip. Just wait a few hours before charging it to be safe (and avoid salt-water). Next, the camera has been upgraded to take better low light photos and increased stabilization. The processor is faster and the battery life has been increased as well.

Are there enough changes for you to upgrade? If you are still holding on to an older smartphone then it may be worth it, but only if you can get past the missing 3.5mm jack.