This past holiday season was ripe with awesome technology for the home or office. The biggest stocking stuffer was the new Amazon Fire TV Stick.

An impressive streaming device, the Fire TV features a voice-activated remote using Alexa. Searching is as simple as asking for a movie, show or even actor. If you prefer, you can install the app on your smartphone and use that as your remote as well. The search will even check your Netflix and Hulu content as well. Amazon Prime users also benefit from the Prime Library.

Performance is faster than the previous versions due to the upgraded hardware. With support for 1080p video, the stick holds up toe-to-toe with other streaming devices out there. It relies on WiFi for internet, so video quality will depend on your network speeds and signal strength.

Set at $40, it is on par with other streaming devices and is packed with a hefty amount of features. Those who are tech-savvy will enjoy the freedom offered by the Fire TV as it uses an Android operating system, which allows for more apps and installers. If you are looking for a 4K capable device, check out its big brother, the Amazon Fire TV Box for $90.