Google Keep

If you like to stay organized you’re going to love Google Keep. Google Keep is a great productivity app similar to Evernote. It allows you to save web pages, make to do lists, save documents and information from the web on your smartphone and on Google Chrome.

Google Sky

Are you a fan of Astronomy or Star Trek? If you are or if you are generally curious about space this is the app for you. With Google sky you can explore space and discover constellations, stars and planets on your computer. It’s even cooler on a smartphone, point it at the night sky and it will tell which constellations are visible. A good way to win the argument of which one is the Big Dipper and North Star.

Google Fonts

This is great feature for web designers and artists. Google Fonts is a giant public database of free open source fonts for people to use on whatever they are creating. Next time you are designing a web page or poster go to Google Fonts your one stop shop for fonts, did I mention it’s free.

Google Unit Conversion

One of Google’s handiest features. How many times have you tried to convert something from milliliters to tablespoons when cooking? This handy tool converts everything from grams to pounds and miles to kilometers. Very useful when traveling outside the United States where everyone else uses the metric system.

Google Mortgage Calculator

This is another helpful tool you can use for calculating mortgages. If you’re considering buying a home, using this feature can help you find out how much you can borrow, pay and how much interest you’ll pay for a long term loan. No need to consult an expert just use google’s handy mortgage calculator.

Google Public Data Explorer

This is a great tool if you like statistics. It’s a reliable and easy place to see all kinds of statistics regarding the United States and other countries. You can see detailed graphs for unemployment rates, GDPs, literacy rates, health stats and tons of other interesting information all in one organized place.


Google Forms

Google forms is a great tool that is both easy and useful for people like teachers, business owners and marketers. You can create simple or complex questionnaires, surveys and multiple choice tests. This is a great tool when you need to make a professional survey fast and with relative ease.


Everyone hates ads and it’s impossible to avoid them, until now. With the Adblock Chrome Extension, you can immediately block annoying banner ads and video ads that makes visiting websites and reading content difficult. It’s available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Once you have it installed you’ll never understand how you surfed the web without it.

Dictionary Extension for Chrome

This plugin from Google chrome is the perfect way to learn new words and pronounce them correctly. We have all come across words we do not know or don’t know how to pronounce when reading a webpage. Now with this extension you can just simply highlight the word to get the definition and hear its pronunciation without having to open a new page.