Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if your computer has a virus. Some viruses make their presence very clear, while others do their work in secret. Here are 5 common symptoms that your computer could be infected:



Are you seeing pop-up windows when your browser isn’t even open? Unexpected pop-ups are a tell-tale sign that your computer has a virus. If the ad says you won a prize, or that “a virus was detected,” do not click on it.

These pop-ups often contain other malware threats such as adware, spyware, or scareware. If you click on any of these ads, you’ll just be downloading more malware, and creating more problems for yourself.

computer is infected

Decreased Computer Performance

Is your computer becoming increasingly unresponsive, or freezing often? Does it appear to be running slower than usual? There’s nothing worse than having a slow computer.

While a slow computer could be a RAM memory or storage issue, there is a possibility that a virus is to blame. A virus’ main goal is to decrease your computer’s performance, whether you’re surfing the internet or trying to access your local applications. Any type of malware could be running tasks that consume a lot of resources, causing your computer to run slow.

Excessive Hard Drive Activity

Can you hear your hard drive working overtime? Can you hear it working even when you’re not using the computer? If your hard drive is making constant noise like it’s processing information, that can be a sign that your computer is infected.

New, Missing, or Altered Files

Several types of malware can fill your hard drive with suspicious files that you never installed. If you find new files or programs that look unfamiliar, do not open them.

Viruses can manipulate existing files and programs, by deleting or moving them elsewhere. Some viruses can alter or encrypt your files so you can’t access them.

You’re Spamming People

If your friends and family start getting strange messages or emails from your accounts (and you didn’t send anything), it’s likely that your computer is infected. These spam messages try to encourage your friends and family to click on a suspicious link. If they click on it, the virus then spreads to their computers, and spams more people.

When it comes to viruses, no news isn’t always good news. Some people don’t believe in installing security software because their computer doesn’t appear to have any problems. Modern viruses can hide deep in your computer without your knowledge. It’s best to perform regular malware scans to see if your computer is infected. To learn more about malware and antivirus protection, contact us today!