Rhode island computer repair services

Rhode island computer repair services

With the ever Evolving world of technology, Computers have become an integral part of our lives where it is Estimated that each and every households at least one computer.

Do you sometimes feel that your computer is running slow? Does it have unpredictable behavior such as freezing, do some programs crash or don’t run as required?If you have ever experienced this and much more problems, then you may have one of many Computer problems, which I have discussed in this post.

Computers just like any other machine will over time begin to develop problems as we use them. Such problems may include Hardware issues, software issues, malware and virus infections. Some of these problems do require professional Computer Repair Services.

But first, what are these computer problems?

Common Computer problems

The most common computer problems that most computer users encounter are:

1.Poor Computer performance

When you buy a new computer, it always runs fast with windows loading well, applications installing and running as required and multitasking is not a problem.

With time though, your computer may start to run slow with windows taking forever to load and most applications will not start or if do, they will not perform as efficiently as possible.

Poor computer performance may be caused by low hard disk space, windows registry problems or the operating system, which may not be up to date

2.Virus and Malware Infection

Sometimes you may find strange programs or files on your computer that you don’t remember installing. You may also notice that some computer settings have been changed and pop up messages appear when you are using your browser.

If you have ever experienced such issues, then your computer maybe infected by virus and/or malware which are easily transmitted through the internet and infected storage devices.

3.Hardware Problems

Hardware problems are the most serious & severe.

This may include Non-functional ports, where you cannot connect any external devices to your computer; non-functional keyboard/mouse;sound problems, video problems and power problems

Such problems occur because of issues to do with the hardware part of your computer failing and mostly you will need a computer professional to fix them for you

4.Abnormal Computer Behavior

Sometimes your computer may not start up at all, restart without warning, quit programs unexpectedly and produce strange noises from the fan.

Additionally the computer may heat up with prolonged use.

These are symptoms of internal hardware problems, which are inter-related with software and is highly recommended you take your computer to a Repair Expert as soon as possible.

5.Computer Freeze & Blue Screen of Death


windows 8 blue screen of death

windows 8 blue screen of death

Your computer mat at some time freeze display a Blue screen with some white text and then restart, This is called the Blue Screen of Death and is attributed to serious hardware malfunction which caused the windows operating system to immediately shut down all operations and restart.

Common reasons for such problems may include spyware and outdated drivers computer drivers which will not enable the software and hardware to work together properly.

Where You Can get Professional Help to Solve your Computer Problems

If you have experienced the above, and other computer problems of late, then it is high time you find a computer expert to solve your problems.

Do you live in Rhode Island (RI)? If so then you have come to the right place because here at Rhode Island Computer Repair Store, we specialize in Detection and repair of computer problems affecting both Software and Hardware systems.

Our services are trustworthy & tailored for both individual and Business clients and we pride ourselves in providing professional services at a cost effective price.

You can view our services by clicking on RI Computer Repair Services and are free to contact us on any issue or request you may have.