SNECS – Employment Application


SNECS – Employment Application


All tech’s will have a basic intern starting pay . This is for the for the first 30 day trial period where we see what your strengths or weaknesses are.

After this trial period, you may be given a raise depending on your skill level and other factors. During this period we will train you on how we fix computers and how we work with our customers and business clients. 

All new techs start at a basic intern training level. We promote our staff to “Technicians”, “Business Department”, “Managers” and such. Technicians work with mostly our residential customers and will actively repair computers and peripherals that come in on a day to day basis. Business Department will focus mostly on our business accounts. They will work with onsite and remote maintenance as well as any issues that may arise with our businesses. Managers are responsible for their own store and training their new technicians and holding everything to our SNECS standards of quality. General Managers are responsible for multiple stores (keeping their stores in check) as well as other responsibilities. Depending on skill, time with our company, attitude, general knowledge and other factors, we will assign you to the role that fits you best.

All new staff members have full background checks run on them. New staff must become HIPAA Certified (which we will help you with) and also sign a “Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement” to protect our customers.

If you are interested in joining the Team please reach out to

General ManagerLeeanna O’Neill

Phone: 401-522-5200 Ext: 109